Children's School, HUMC
Children learn through play and socialization.

Programs Available

2-Day Program
T/Th Class (children ages 2.3 to 3.3)...9:00-11:30
Tuesday and Thursday

3-Day Program
MWF Class (children ages 3.3 to 4.3)...9:00-11:30
Monday, Wednesday, Friday

4-Day Program
Pre-K Class (children ages 4.4+ )...12:00-2:30
Monday thru Thursday

Breakfast Buddies
Monday thru Friday (before school munchie)...8:30-9:00

Lunch Bunch
Monday thru Friday(lunch and a story)...11:30-12:00

Stay and Play
Monday thru Thursday (snack and playtime)...2:30-3:00


*T/Th Class and MWF Class have a maximun of 24 children with 7-8 onsite adults each school day.

*Pre-K class has a maximun of 20 students with 6 onsite adults daily.


*Sibling care available on site for participating parents, cost is additional 


Testimonials From Our Graduating Students 

"The Best thing about Children's School is outside playtime and the projects."  Alton (5)

"I love playing with all the puzzles."  Annika (5)

"Children's School is the best place to make friends."  Lucas (5)

"I love the fish that live at Children's School."  Morgan (5)

"We have the best Legos."  Nick (5)

"I love getting to play with my school friends."  Daniela (5)